Religious Socialism is the only periodical dedicated to people of faith and socialism in North America. First published in 1977 by John Cort, Religious Socialism began as a newsletter to keep people of faith within the socialist community informed on movement activities. Over the years it has evolved into a periodical of record for the religious and even the non-religious socialist community.

We need your help....

We know... things have been way too quiet lately.

rs is actively looking for writers and interested parties to help revitalize the publication and the Commission.

If you're a member of the Commission, we need you now more than ever. Get in touch with us and let us know your interests, and what you'd like to see in rs.

If you're a new member of DSA interested in the intersections between faith and politics, and have not joined the Commission, consider becoming involved with us in some way. A socialist organization is nothing without the active involvement of its members to make it work. Send an e-mail to editor(at), and let's talk.

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